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Coming soon. Our B & B is currently closed at the moment but here is an update on the progress we are making. Theresa & Laurelee at Friendly Foods Farm




Building a deck is next, in between farm chores, weeding market garden, feeding animals, hanging with baby ducks.

Boat B&B


Our boat soon to be Boat and Breakfast (B&B)  Painting, fiberglassing and reno’s to come.

The garden boat will accommodate 2 people comfortably, however, the couch is a sleeping option.

Our lonely little sleeping cabin, with a vision.

Well the dimensions are exactly what we designed for. Let’s design and decorate a bath house!  Bath house beside sleeping cabin. Hmmmm something is missing, something more is needed to accommodate folks who want to stay on a farm, visit with animals, eat zero mile diet.

My vision is a wharf equipped with its outdoor sitting area. Drift wood, privacy screen, potted goodies to eat and marvel.

Bath House


The bath house is for those staying in the Boat or the Cabin and Tiny duo.

Tiny House


The sleeping cabin and Tiny will be a team. A fabulous bedroom in the cabin and kitchen, living and dining room in Tiny. Both accommodate 2.

A common area to share with whomever is in the garden. There will be a fire pit area with picnic table, grate for outdoor cooking and plenty of firewood.

Stroll on over to bath house, attached by a wooden deck. Just as soon as we get the desired designs and installation.


Please contact us for updates!



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