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Evolving Matters

Evolving Matters, the growings’ on regarding our B&B progress. Yoga in the garden. And baby duck updates. Our lives evolve, let’s see what matters.

This is our boat soon to be Boat and Breakfast (B&B). Painting, fiberglassing and reno’s to come.

Our vision is a wharf equipped with its outdoor sitting area. Drift wood, privacy screen, potted goodies to eat and marvel.

A common area to share with whomever is in the garden cabin will be a fire pit area with picnic table, grate for outdoor cooking and plenty of firewood.

Our lonely little sleeping cabin, with a vision.

Imagine a bath house, soaking in the tub overlooking our pasture. Big sliding doors so it feels like you are outside. Guess what we found, cheap like Borscht.

The dimensions were perfect, it's now in place and now to start the fun stuff. Reno's and decorating.

Bath house beside sleeping cabin. Hmmmm something is missing, something more is needed to accommodate folks who want to stay on a farm, visit with animals, eat zero mile diet.

And here is Tiny.

The sleeping cabin and Tiny will be a team. A fabulous bedroom in the cabin, with a kitchen, living and dining room in Tiny. Stroll on over to bath house, attached by a wooden deck. Just as soon as we get the desired designs and install.

The garden boat will accommodate 2 people comfortably, however, the couch is a sleeping option.

The cabin sleeps 2 comfortably, however, Tiny can accommodate 2 as well.

We are looking forward to designing the outdoor area. Fire pit, relaxing close enough to the pasture to mingle with friendly farm animals. More to come, stay tuned in and tapped in and we will keep you updated.

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Theresa Dupont
Theresa Dupont
Jul 27, 2022

This evolving matter is taking much longer then i expected. Great lesson, have no expectations.


love the "evolving" details! and beautiful descriptive photos. You've certainly created that sense of anticipation for us loyal followers! It's fabulous to witness your vision becoming a reality 🧡

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