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The Chronicles of Sharon

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

The law of attraction”

I always knew my wife could manifest like a master. This true story is about ducks and Laurelees’ ability to ask and receive. She wanted ducks, I did not. This is what happened next.

“He’s beautiful and very large!” I was surprised that he was not a fully matured drake because of his size. Yes, Dice was very big and so was his hissssssss. Laurelee got her duck.

We accepted a friends’ drake who experienced his mate being killed, leaving him alone. We didn’t have any females for him but we did have a seasonal pond. I watched him dive and swim under water. Play around by flapping his wings and walking on water. I started falling for him.

Dice soon became so attached to us that he would follow us around like our dogs, and he loved our 3 dogs. We could be visiting around the fire, picking blueberries, weeding or even washing our truck. Dice was there hanging out and hissing his delights. He was happy to chat with anyone who came toward him. Wagging his tail, hissing and bobbing his head back and forth. I fell in love.

My daughter, Courtenay, on the other hand, did not love him one bit. His size and forward motion towards her made her nervous. One day when Dice seemed to mature overnight he decided he wanted to breed, and breed now. However, he only had eyes for Courtenay, who past the barn every morning on her way to work. Dice would wait for her and hiss his absolute delight when she came close. He would flap his wings and try to convince Courtenay to just stay in one spot long enough to…….. Um, well, climb aboard. She would scream” Nooooooo Dice, nooooo. Mommmmmmmm? Dice noooooooo”. She would sprint to her car for safety while Dice tried his best to keep up. She always got away.

One day we saw Dice out in the pasture and it looked like he was breeding something. Whaaaat? As we got closer we realized it was a little female Muscovy, just like Dice. As we got closer Dice hopped off to introduce us but she quickly ran off towards the neighbours and disappeared through a hole in the fence. We looked at each other and smiled. Laurelee laughed as she said “we should call her Sharon, because we are clearly sharing her now. “

Return next week for the continued adventures in:

The Chronicles of Sharon

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